Dec 5, 2008

Bang! And the blog is off and running!

I'm starting this blog for the following reasons:
  1. To learn by teaching
  2. To get feedback on topics of interest
  3. To discover ways in which blogs can be used for eLearning (especially in the work place)
  4. To get experience with writing
  5. To provide an additional avenue for networking with others in the eLearning field
I had previously developed a personal blog which was mainly about my kids and accomplishments in life.  My intended audience was family and friends.  I maintained that pretty well until Facebook emerged and became a much better tool for managing relationships and friends.  I like the concept of sharing thoughts and knowledge with others.  I think it makes the world a better place.  ;)
The plan for this blog is to discuss issues that relate to my profession.  However, profession and personal life often overlap so at times I may venture off of eLearning and into life in general.

1 comment:

Tracy Parish said...

Great start on your elearning blog. I to started to begin capturing items I found intriguing and to keep track of my own learnings and experiences. From there it grew to reading many other blogs, posting about them, answering and commenting on thoughts and questions. A network does begin to form and that is one of the most interesting and fasinating things I find about elearning. Everyone is so willing to share and learn from one another. It is a very unique way of learning, communicating, and sharing. Great to have you into the network.