Dec 5, 2008

Rebooting Processes

Do you ever feel like you need to reboot your brain?  Feel like you've got several errant processes running and you need to reset them?  I felt like that this week.
Unfortunately for us humans rebooting is not that simple.  We can't just flip a switch and reset everything.  However, I do think we can look at the processes in our lives that are out of control and deal with them one by one.  For example, my sleep process is stuck on too low of a setting.  I've got to kill that process so that I can start a new process that allows me to get the full sleep my body needs.
The consequences of not rebooting our processes occasionally is that our brains get crowded and have too many out of control processes to deal with.  It can get overwhelming.  It can stifle creativity.
How does this relate to eLearning?  This is a great time to be in eLearning.  There are a lot of new products and methods emerging that are allowing learners to be engaged more than ever before.  As an eLearning professional we need to re-evaluate processes that are old, out dated, or just not working.  Ask ourselves, what is the learning objective of this process?  Is there a better/newer way to accomplish that objective?
For example, in my work place we use a Lotus Notes database to have discussion board postings.  However, those discussions would probably be more effective as part of a social network where they are easier to access and more visible by more people.  That example may be more difficult to reboot but at least we can make ourselves aware that a better process exists.  Another process I had to reboot recently was a content development tool that just wasn't working.  It was expense, slow, and difficult to use.  With a little bit of research I was able to find a content development tool (Articulate) that was on the opposite end of the spectrum and would save the training developers here hours of work per project.
What processes do you need to reboot?

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