Dec 5, 2008

Workplace eLearning Environment Sketch

I've been reading a good bit about different aspects of the eLearning environment.  There's a lot of bloggers out there talking about incorporating Learning/Web 2.0 into workplace learning.  I'm a big fan of the informal learning opportunities Web 2.0 helps create.  However, my organization is just getting its feet wet with online learning so the immediate chore is to get the LMS going and start offering formal classes online.  So I want to try to keep the immediate chore in perspective with the context of the larger learning environment I have in mind.
Click on the following graphic to see how I've mapped the eLearning Environment I have in mind for my workplace.  I'm interested in learning if you see a similar environment or if you see it completely differently.

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Tony Karrer said...

I'll be curious to see how your thinking evolves over time. I've subscribed to your blog.