Jan 6, 2009

Cool Tool: Jing

Technical issues can often be communicated better with pictures than words by themselves.  TechSmith offers a tool called Jing that is great for capturing pictures on your desktop.  Jing can record areas of the screen for single images or full video with audio.  Jing is incredibly easy to use.  I've used it for documenting processes, web based training courses, technical support, and my blog.  I've been using version 1.6.8198.
What makes Jing cool:
  • The very first thing Jing ask you for is what area you want to record.  You can easily select a window, a component of a window, or a customized area of the screen.
  • You select whether you want an image or a video.
  • Images can be quickly annotated using a small set of annotation tools.  There is nothing fancy here.  It is very practical.
  • Images can be saved, uploaded, to the web, or copied to the clipboard.  I find myself often copying to the clipboard and pasting into and e-mail or Word document.  Jing makes the process of capturing and pasting into e-mail incredibly fast.
  • Video can be paused, stopped, and restarted.
  • Audio can be recorded simultaneously while the video is being recorded so you can talk through what is being demonstrated.  This makes it very easy to add step by step instructions.

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