Jan 2, 2009

How I Caught Up on my RSS Feeds

After about three months of active blog reading I've finally caught up on my RSS feeds.  When I first started subscribing to blogs I found so many interesting topics that I wanted to read everything.  Time quickly became a frustrating factor.  Now I want to share a couple of ways I've been able to manage the information overload that is common when subscribing to many blogs.
Quickly determine if the blog post your looking at is pertinent information for your job over the next year.
While a lot of the postings about learning 2.0 are interesting, it's not my primary task so I've learned to skim it more loosely.  My organization is more than a year away from having the right systems and environment for that.  So, I read just enough to get the latest buzz and then move on.
Become an expert skimmer.
After three months I've really improved on my ability to skim for important information.  I've also found myself thanking authors that write for skimming (Karrer) and getting frustrated by authors that tend to not get to the point quickly enough.
Don't be afraid to miss information.
There is more information out there than you can consume.  I found myself not wanting to miss any information contained in the blog postings I read.  However, I finally had to accept the fact that I will miss interesting thoughts and ideas.  But it is better to take away a few good nuggets than to try to grab all the nuggets and potentially lose the important ones by running out of time and brain space!
Note: I use Google Reader to manage my feeds.  I've found The 10 Most Useful Google Reader Productivity Tips by Mukherjee to be very useful (especially the j and k shortcuts to quickly move through postings).

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