Jan 15, 2009

Previewing in Lectora

I'm still wiggling my way through the ins and outs of Lectora. The Lectora support team has been very helpful. I've discovered some things I'd like to share.
Limitations on built-in preview. Up to a certain point, the built in preview functionality works great. But once you start doing advanced techniques such as using flash to set Lectora variables, the preview will not work.
Limitations on HTML preview. So the next step is to publish to HTML and preview it from the local machine. However, web-browsers have built in security that prevents some Javascript code from running locally. So things like flash communication and use of the Lectora VAR() function will not work when run locally. I believe most browsers have settings that can be adjusted to make this work but setting those hampers you security when you are on the Internet.
Web Server based preview. So now I've switched to previewing my content from a web server. I installed the Apache web server and send my Lectora HTML output to a folder under the htdocs on Apache. This allows me to view the content as the end-user will see it and I can catch errors earlier in the process. However, it's not a substitute for testing it out in the actually LMS. If I had to test it in the LMS every time it would take way too long.
Do you have a method for previewing that has worked well?


Unknown said...

I test online. You can get past the activeX crap dialog box on IE locally by using:


Just add it to your meta tags (external html object) at the root. Don't forget to remove it when you publish your final project.

To test variables - why not publish in debug mode? This doesn't help with Flash. Just put localhost into the security sandbox as an exclusion.

Apache web server is good, but it won't show load difficulties, etc.

Unsurprisingly, the best way to test is in a live environment.

Unknown said...

hmm blogger killed the code from my post...!

Ulrich said...

It's a shame! That's what I would need ...