Jan 30, 2009

Take Pleasure in what you do

I work out in a gym most mornings before work.  As I work out I'm always observing those around me (and no, not in the creepy way).  I take pleasure when I see a person who started out as a timid newbie at the gym turn into a more healthy person who enjoys working out.  For example I've noticed a swimmer that could hardly swim a lap that now does long workouts back and forth across the pool like she's been doing it all her life.  Training at the gym has made these people healthier and happier.
Being a part of the employee training community, I also find great pleasure when people who were timid about their technology skills turn into confident employees that:
  • Enjoy putting together engaging PowerPoint presentations
  • Use Excel to track their job responsibilities
  • Or, no longer have to ask another employee how to order items from the procurement system
And even better, I smile when these people then start passing on their knowledge to other newbies.
So take pleasure in being a part of the training community because you are giving confidence to people who will then take more pride in their jobs.

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