Mar 4, 2009

What exactly is a friend?

I was asked to give a Web 2.0 workshop yesterday for a group of school technology coordinators. Web 2.0 is a huge topic to try to cover in an afternoon. This is especially true when you discuss the benefits and caveats of using this technology in the classroom. As I was talking about how students are using social network sites like Facebook, I found myself wondering exactly how we determine who our "friends" are.
There was a friend I recently made contact with that I haven't seen or spoken to in nearly 25 years. I was in the 5th grade last time we were true friends. While I consider him a good friend, do I really know who he has become in the last 25 years? There are many friends and old acquaintances that I've run into on Facebook. Many I've been longing to reconnect with and I accept as a friend without further thought. But still there are many who I only knew vaguely in the past and while I'm kind of curious who they've become, I don't feel comfortable sharing photos and updates that I really intend for true friends. So do I friend them just out of curiosity? I've decided I want to be a little more picky about who I "friend" and who shows up in my status updates. I've got a busy life with information overload and I feel that reining in my "friends" list just makes things less complicated. What are your thoughts?
I make an exception for my Linked In profile because I use that profile professionally and often make business or trade contacts. I'm not sharing personal photos with these guys, I'm exchanging ideas and networking so I define a "friend" differently in that environment. Does any one else do the same?

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Anonymous said...

I learn from life experience that there are varieties of friend.
1.Personal friend
2.Family Friends
3.Business Friends
There may or may not be overlapping.It creates a very complicated scene when business and personal friend are same.