May 5, 2009

Shadowing by Robot

I came across an interesting video from IEEE Spectrum Online that explains a robot used for video conferencing. You can think of this humanoid robot as the answer to the question "what do I do when I want to video conference with someone but I need to be mobile and let that person follow me around?" It's a pretty cool concept. (Blissfully ignoring cost) I see this being useful in the training world. For example, a lot of training is done through shadowing another employee. A robot like this could allow some one to shadow an experienced employee remotely. But keep on your toes, that robot following you may just be your boss!

Of course I can't help but think this is the first step towards human-cyborg relations. A robot that talks to the internet for you so that you can video conference. C3PO Version 0.01?

Link to video

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