Jun 25, 2009

Where o' Where do the Buttons Go?

I'm working on a template that will be used for all my online self-paced training. There is an issue that is nagging at me. Where do I put the navigation buttons? I've already decided that the learning audience I'm developing for needs to have crystal clear navigation where buttons include text labels so that it is very obvious how to go back to the start page, exit, get help, or go to the previous and next pages. I've done mockups where the navigation buttons are at the top and the buttons are at the bottom.

For me, it feels right to have the buttons at the bottom because the user doesn't have to deal with them until they have read the content on the page. This puts the content first which is good. However, I've noticed if the buttons are on the bottom and the window is resized so that the buttons go off the screen, this creates confusion for the learner. I'm starting to believe I'm over thinking it and it really doesn't matter. Thoughts?

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