Sep 16, 2009

Storyboard and Blogger's Block

I'm writing a storyboard for a course I'm designing. Although I'm more of a web developer than an instructional designer I'm stepping in to fill a need at my company. I am a little bummed that it takes time away from the development side of things. However, I really enjoy using my creativity to come up with a way to teach a topic that is engaging and helps the learner make memory connections to the content. I'm using PowerPoint to layout the flow of the course using a storyboard format. The first slide in my storyboard template contains the following note:
  • The web-based self-paced course should not be designed to behave like a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Use this template as a place to outline the course, course interactions, and indicate sequencing. Each page should show what learners will see, hear, and do.
  • This storyboard will serve as the playbook for all the members of the team during development.
  • Use the notes section for development notes and to indicate feedback the learner will receive.
These are the most important things I want to remind whoever is writing the storyboard. Do you use similar reminders? What's on your list?

FYI: It appears I've had blogger's block for the last couple of months. But instead of trying to write through it, I just stopped making posts to this blog. I will try to blog through it in the future to avoid large gaps without a new post. :(

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