Oct 8, 2009

What's in your Pocket? Part I

If you read my post Joining the Revolution in November then you know that I've been looking forward to upgrading my standard mobile phone to a web enabled phone. The two web phone technologies I've been keeping my eye on are Apple and Google. Apple is a well proven quality product; however, with the announcement from Verizon that they are producing a Google phone this fall, my thoughts are swinging the Google way. I'm already a Google power user so having that functionality in a mobile device will be a perfect fit for me.

So what makes a phone a "Google" phone. It's the Android OS that makes it a Google phone. The Android OS is an open source project backed by Google. Unlike the iPhone which is an Apple only product, Android is designed to run on any device that chooses to support it. For example, one of the anticipated Verizon Google phones will be made by Motorola.

Check out this video on Android 1.6 and its functionality.

See more videos at the Android developer web site.

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