Oct 13, 2009

What's in your Pocket? Part II

I discussed what the Google phone is in What's in your Pocket? Part I. There's a reason I'm finally ready for a web savvy phone. The reason is that the web and mobile technology are now converging in a big way. The ability to access web search, contact information, calendar, RSS feeds, documents, weather, and other personalized information is getting a lot more practical. Frankly, I'm tired of having more than one calendar and list of contacts.

With Google Voice technology things come together in a even bigger way. Among the many features of Google Voice is the ability to have a single phone number forward to any phone (or multiple phones) depending on your choice. You can select contacts from your Google contacts to go to either work or home phones depending on how you label them. Cool stuff! Traditional phone companies should have done this a looong time ago.

Check out the following video about the convergence of the web, social media, and mobile technologies. It's a fun time to be a web developer! Developing for the desktop web browser is only part of the equation now.

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