Feb 8, 2011

Adobe Learning Summit

I'm looking forward to attending the Adobe Learning Summit in March. There are a few things I'm particularly interested in:
  • Adobe Captivate Widget 101 - I've already created my own widget to marshal communications between Captivate and Lectora so that I can save a learner's place inside a simulation. However, I'm interested in learning more about best practices for creating widgets and see some examples of what other people have done.
  • Captivate for Android Devices - I'm a bit of an Android fan so anything with the name Android in it immediately draws my attention. A bonus for this session is that I think learning to use Captivate on Android will also have applications to creating apps for mobile in general. Argh! I do wish this was titled Captivate for Android and iPhone. I wrote recently about some of those issues in this article.
  • People and Best Practices - Mostly I'm interested in networking with others that use Adobe for e-Learning and discovering more about best practices in the industry.
Are you heading to this conference? What are your learning goals?

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