Feb 11, 2011

My mind (map) is in the cloud

I love mind maps. They are a great way to brainstorm ideas and organize your thoughts. I've also found them very helpful for taking notes at meetings. I use mind maps at both work and home for these reasons. 

Because I keep a lot of information in mind maps, I need to be able to access them from wherever I am. Through the use of my smart phone and storing my data in "the cloud", I am able to do just that.

I use a combination of tools to access my mind maps. I use Freemind to edit mind maps on my desktop or laptop computer. I use Thinking Space to access and edit my mind maps on my Android phone. I use Dropbox to store the maps in "the cloud" so that I can access them and keep them in sync in all of those devices.

Do you use mind maps? What tools do you use?

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