Mar 21, 2011

Notes from Adobe Learning Summit 2011

I'm back in my hotel room after a long day at the Adobe Learning Summit.  Adobe is doing a lot of good things with e-Learning and those things were on display today in Orlando.  I've decided to summarize some of my notes I took at the conference today.  You can also read play-by-play tweets from the folks who are a part of the twitter-verse.

Video and Audio in Adobe eLearning Suite 2

  • Rick Zanotti of RELATE corporation presented on best practices for video and audio in Captivate
  • When possible, load audio/video into the library and create instances of it in your learning to save duplications and file size
  • Use the preloader to download audio/video that is at the beginning of your project so that it is ready when the learner starts using the content
  • Use Soundbooth for batch edits
  • Add "ponder" time after audio plays to allow the information to be absorbed by the learner
  • Slide video is a great way to start with a single video and insert slides at various points

Creating Mobile Content with Adobe Captivate 5 for Android Devices

  • Josh Cavalier of Lodestone Digital presented on some of the issues involved with developing Captivate projects for Android devices
  • Flash 10.2 is a good step up from 10.1 and improves Flash usability
  • Mobile lends itself best as a performance support device
  • Consider larger font sizes greater than 24 pts for readability on Android's smaller screen size
  • Replace default Captivate playbar with larger buttons in the Captivate project

Captivate Widgets 101: How to Create Your First Widget

  • Yves Riel, owner of Flash Factor, gave an informative presentation on creating Captivate widgets and lessons from his experience
  • Widgets have 4 different modes: preview, edit, stage, and runtime
  • Widgets can be either static with no communication with Captivate, interactive with communication with Captivate, or a question that can communicate question data with Captivate
  • Take advantage of libraries like Widget Factory and cpGears to make coding easier

Flash Snippets with Adobe Captivate 5

  • Frances Keefe of the University of Massachusetts Boston gave a fun and entertaining presentation on using code snippets in Flash to quickly create objects to import into Captivate
  • In the window menu, select code snippets
  • A Flash tween fills in the animation be*tween* two object states.
  • Use code snippets to add drag and drop, play movies, add timers, move objects, and more

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