Mar 29, 2011

Preview of Articulate Storyline at LS 2011

I was really impressed with the demo of Articulate Storyline at the Learning Solutions 2011 conference this month. Tom Kuhlmann gave a nice personalized walk through of what the product can do. Here are some of the highlights I remember:
  • It has the same easy user interface you would expect from Articulate but it is much more powerful. Tom created an Engage type interaction in just 1 or 2 minutes.
  • The product is also introducing variables which will make it more competitive with Lectora or Captivate.
  • It contains the ability to do screen snapshots and videos.
  • Output to iOS and HTML5 will be a part of it, although some challenges remain to make it do everything Flash can do (that seemed to be common with all e-learning products I saw demoed).
This product will not be replacing the Articulate Studio. In fact I understand they are currently in development of the next version of Studio. Storyline is different in the fact that it makes it easier to create more interactive content and not tied as closely to PowerPoint. The lack of interactivity has been the biggest critique I've heard of Articulate '09.

I'm hoping to get a version to beta test to really see it in action!

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Unknown said...

Is there anywhere I can read more detail about the introduction of variables in Storyline?