Jun 13, 2013

5 Simple Steps to Attach a File in Adobe Captivate

Attaching a file in Adobe Captivate is simple if you follow these 5 steps. A common reason you may want to follow these steps it to link to a PDF file from your project. These steps assume you have already added a button or click box to your slide. I will show you how to attach the file to the project that you'll link to from this button or click box.

1. For the ACTION, choose Open URL or file.

2. Enter the filename by typing it into the URL field.

3. Select New from the drop down list so the file will open in a new window.

4. Publish the project as SWF/HTML5.

5. Place the file in the published folder.


medezigns said...

When publishing to html5 I notice a lot more files! When I take them to web for viewing, am I uploading ALL the folders and files? This is a lot to do.


Jonathan Shoaf said...

You do need to upload all the files. :(

Moving Horror said...

Hi Jonathan,

How do you get captivate (I am working with version 5.5) open a file when you have published your file as a pdf for distribution? My files open up just fine when I am on my work network but not when I am not? Do you know of any solution that would work?


Jonathan Shoaf said...

Meenakshi: Two things are required to have the PDF show up in the SCORM package.

1) You need to make sure you have either no file path or a file path relative to the launching html file as the path (i.e. location, url) to the PDF.

2) You need to place the PDF in the final SCORM package as the target of that file path.

If you do this correctly, it will not work in "test" mode, but it will work when published.

Niki G said...

Bless you, I was looking all over for a way to get this to work and yours was one of the easiest and most straight forward suggestions. Thanks!

Hashim Al-Musawi said...

Perfect, thank you!