Jun 17, 2013

This, Not This - Open a URL from an E-Learning Course

"Can the course be linked to this document?"

Seems like a simple enough question. Of course it can! However, this can be more complicated than you might think.

Follow-up questions to this are:
  • Is the document available as a URL?
  • Is the URL on the INTERnet or INTRAnet?
  • Is the document a commonly supported media type?

And if those questions themselves don't cause you enough complication, if you don't open the link in a new window, you could have additional usability issues on your hands.

If you are running the course in an LMS, you'll almost without exception, want to open the link in a new window. In Adobe Captivate, that is done as follows:

The reason to do this is that if you open it in the current window, you may lose the ability to go back to the course or to close and score the course correctly. Web browsers can get confused. :-S

So don't do the following unless you want the URL to replace the course content you are linking from.

Simple enough?

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