Jun 4, 2013

What I'd like to see in the next Adobe Captivate

Some early reviews are starting to trickle in about Adobe Captivate 7. I use Captivate regularly and I really appreciate its capabilities to create interactive and multimedia content.  Nothing excites me quite as much as new and improved software. However, nothing is quite as disappointing as a new version of software that doesn't address my needs.

When Adobe Captivate 6 came out, I could appreciate some of the improvements. But overall, I didn't see anything ground breaking. There are some things I wanted then and that I still want now in the next version of Adobe Captivate.

  • Ease of Use Improvements - I work with several instructional designers and they all seem to struggle with some aspects of Adobe Captivate and often need my assistance.
  • Smart Attachment of Files - have you ever tried to attach a PDF to an Adobe Captivate project?  It should be easy, but it's not.
  • No Fading by Default - Objects are set to fade in and out by default.  The problem is that this fading causes things to disappear or look funny at times.  Don't do that by default!
  • Newly placed objects should display for "rest of slide" by Default - Things disappear when you don't want them to...enough said.
  • Rollover Caption Should have Click Option -I like the rollover text capabilities but some users prefer the click to show text explanation functionality. That should be an option...either rollover or click to see text.
  • Advanced Actions Editor Improvements - The editor is often cumbersome to work with. When you need a lot of if/then statements, it can be difficult to navigate through them. Also, the UI is difficult and requires too many clicks to edit line items.

Are you an Adobe Captivate user?  What's on your wish list?


Lilybiri said...

Perhaps you missed it: since CP6 none of the objects has a Fade in/Fade out transition anymore. And you have been able since long (cannot remember version) to put the timing for each object to 'Rest of Slide' in Preferences, Defaults.
There are some slight changes in the Advanced actions UI. Filtering in the dropdown list is now possible.
I agree about your other suggestions

Jonathan Shoaf said...

Thanks for the clarification Lilybiri! I work with Instructional designers that have the fade in/out issue all the time. However, I just realized they never upgraded from 5.5 to 6.0 so that's a valid point. And while "rest of slide" is not a default, you are right, Captivate can be configured to do that.

I didn't mention filtering the dropdown list...that's a good add to my wishlist.